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  • Cassara on 2016-Oct-21 14:45:03 Cassara said

    Tim Roth (the bad guyfrom the Hulk reboot) has signed on for 3 more Hulk films. I robot 2 National Treasure 3 and 4 Puss in Boots The Mummy 4 (in prsinroductiop)Jurase-c Park 4 Superbad 2 (Seth Rogan said there will be another story)Kane and Lynch Splinter Cell Fast and Furious 5 Resident Evil 5 (ending of 4th film made a path for a 5th film) Batman Beyond (Director said between 2016 and 2020 there will be a Batman Beyond film). The Hobbit Rise of the Apes Bioshock (in pre-production)

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